"I can't remember a time when drawing and painting wasn't in my life. I've always loved making something out of nothing, and I quickly found my tools in pen and paper. It was also a blessing in disguise that I was (and still am..!) horribly uncoordinated at sports, so I knew I had to find myself an indoor hobby.

Over the past few years, I became more and more inspired by beautiful industrial, product and graphic design, and sought to find ways to merge my love of traditional mediums with modern creative approaches. Each piece I create reflects a little bit of me—my inspirations, my obsessions, my dreams, and sometimes, even my eccentricities. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I did making them, and may they bring you a little bit of extra beauty and fun into your surroundings."

- Kitty



Each limited edition piece has a small run of only 50 prints. Once they are sold out, they won't ever be reprinted again. 

By limiting the production quantity of these pieces, they become a truly special addition to your well curated home. 

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Questions? Concerns? Contact kitty@kitty-chan.com

Instagram: @kittyc_